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By now you have most likely heard of Marie Kondo and the Konmari method. In case you haven’t, Marie Kondo is the bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and she now has her own series on Netflix called Tidying up with Marie Kondo. The Konmari Method is a method created by Marie Kondo for simplifying and organizing your home. The basis of the method is to keep the items that spark joy and ensure every item has a place.

At the end of 2018, I listened to the audiobook version of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book motivated me to start decluttering areas of my home. I recently decluttered all of my clothes using the Konmari method and I will share with you my thoughts on the method below.

How to declutter clothes using the Konmari Method

As Marie suggests, I gathered all of my clothes in one spot. As you can see Hally was very curious and decided to join the pile. The Konmari method requires you to touch each item and feel whether or not it sparks joy. The items that spark joy are the items that you keep and the rest you thank them for serving you then you get rid of them. Marie recommends donating the items that no longer spark joy.

Since Hally made her way into my pile I knew exactly where to start. I cuddled my puppy and felt so much joy. I then returned her to the bed so she could nap while I finished the task.

Does it spark Joy? No, but I can’t wear my yoga pants to work!

The idea of only keeping clothes that spark joy was a difficult one for me. I would joyfully spend every day in my yoga pants if it was acceptable for me to do so. Unfortunately, it is not acceptable for me to wear yoga pants to work. Dress pants do not spark joy for me but I wear them to work 5 days a week so I had to keep them.  For the majority of my clothes, I was able to use the Konmari method. If the clothes sparked joy I kept them. If they did not spark joy I put them in my donate pile or if they were damaged or stained I put them in the trash pile.

For the clothes that were in my work wardrobe, I took a different approach. If I like it and wear it regularly I kept it. The rest of the items I tried on. If it fits well and suited me I kept it. If it did not fit or I did not feel the item suited me I added it to the donate pile.

At the very end of my clothing declutter I realized that I had forgotten to thank most of the items that I decided to get rid of. I do not feel this is essential to the process but to be safe I thanked the bin of items to donate and the bag of trash as I removed it from my bedroom.

My husband now has his side of the closet back

My clothing now takes up about half the space that it used to. I can see all of the items and for the past two weeks, I have worn a few of the articles of clothing that used to be hidden in the chaos of my closet.

The Konmari method also has a folding technique. All the items that get folded should be folded to stand on edge. I used this method for my pyjamas and tank tops and so far I like it. I decided my socks prefer to be laid in a basket instead of being folded. I do not have the time or patience to fold my socks and I am sure they like their freedom.

While I found the Konmari method very helpful I did make some minor adjustments to make it work for me. Have you tried the Konmari method? If you have I would love to know what worked for you and what didn’t. If you enjoyed this post please leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to PIN this post and tell your friends!

Happy Decluttering!