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I was originally going to share a new project today but over the weekend I found myself getting a little overwhelmed by the number of projects I have started in the garage. When Sunday rolled around I was feeling pressed on time so instead of rushing to finalize one of the projects and create the printable plans I decided to do my very first tool review.

And by tool, I mean bench. Well technically it is a Kreg Mobile Project Center by Kreg Tool but since I am short and Rob built the benches in the garage for his height I often find myself using it in place of a bench.

Rob and I purchased this table last summer on a whim. At the time Rob was looking for a new table saw. While he was chatting with a salesperson I played around with the Kreg Mobile Project Center on display. I was very intrigued by its capabilities and felt it would be a great addition to our garage workshop. Normally, I would take time to do some research before buying but we were an 8-hour drive from home so we made the purchase decision on the fly.

This is not a sponsored post.  I have been using this project center for almost a year now and I wanted to share my thoughts in case it helps you with your purchase decision. As always, all the opinions shared on my blog are my own and are based on my experience with the product.

The bench is easy to set up and folds down quickly for storage. When we bought the Kreg Mobile Project Center our plan was to store it away when it was not in use. Since it is now my go to work surface it is rarely stored away.

The Kreg Mobile Project Center can be used as a saw horse or a bench. If you have more than one you can connect them together for a larger work surface. You can also use the provided support brackets to hold 2x4’s and attach a piece of plywood to the top for an extra-large bench. Since I only have one I am not able to show you how it works. I like the idea of being able to connect two together in case I do add a second one to my workshop in the future.

The Kreg Mobile Project Center came with an auto adjustable bench clamp and 4 bench dogs. These come in handy when assembling projects. The clamp provided can be used in the track or on the side of the table for vertical clamping.

There is also a track on the underside of the table that can be used with regular Kreg clamps. This was a feature that took me a few months to discover but it is very useful.

If you have a Kreg Jig this bench works really well with the Jig. You can use either the bench clamp or a standard Kreg clamp to secure the Jig to the bench.

The containers for Kreg Pocket Hole Screws can be placed in the grooves on the side of the bench top. This keeps them within arm’s reach and does not clutter up the work surface.

The bench even has a built-in holder for your drill. This was a game changer for me when drilling pocket holes for my projects. When using other work surfaces for drilling pocket holes I constantly knock over my drill or have to move it out of the way so that I did not knock it over. The holder keeps my drill close at hand and safe from my clumsy ways when moving boards in and out of the Kreg Jig.

There are also built-in storage trays in the top that are excellent for holding screws, pencils, other small parts you may require for your projects.

The one flaw of this Kreg Mobile Project Center is that the work surface is not perfectly flat. There is a little give in the supports that hold the two sides of the top in place so the top does not stay perfectly flat once it is assembled. When I am working on projects that require a flat level surface I work on one of the stationary benches that Rob built.

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